After a bit of weight loss Karma has been diagnosed as early stages of renal failure.  He's on a special diet (which we are working on to get him to like it!) some vitamin supplements and Pepcid.  He's too smart for tricking the pepcid w/food so that we pill him with.  He's still feisty and when he went to the vet it took the vet, her assistant, a towel and a muzzle to get his nails trimmed and check his thyroid. He also got the muzzle off twice! So he's got some major attitude still going. Our vet said he could have as long as year if all stays as it is.  We're doubtful of doing iv fluids as he obviously does not tolerate others handling him well, and so far he is well hydrated.

So we are just doing our best to keep him going as easily and comfortably as we can. He's a good boy my Karma boo. :)

Somethings Brewin

Sadly they closed just as I found out about them. The concert was fantastic and it was their last night open. ::Sighs:: Maybe another fun place will open up soon to hang out at.


It's been a very quiet weekend, videos and cleaning. I can't believe June starts tomorrow. Amazing how fast time is flying by.
I'll be going to a concert of the Tone Twins on Friday night at the Loft in Somersworth. John and Elaine are great. I heard them for the first time last Saturday and now I'll be looking around for them to be playing nearby.

Hope everyone has a good week.


Nice weekend

I just got back from a long weekend in Spotsylvania Virginia, visiting my aunt and uncle. It was a birthday present from my mom. We had a great time, easy flight both to and back. We even got very lucky, we arrived 2 hours early at DCA as required, (my uncle is quite determined on that!) they had bumped our 12:30 flight to 12;45, so we settled in to wait. There was an 11:30 plane but our tickets were for teh 12:30.  The 11:30 wasn't full, so all of us who were already waiting for the delayed 12:30 got to leave at 11;30 and we were in Boston at the time our flight was scheduled to leave! Very nice.

So mom and I had time to register both my car and my brothers, and have dinner at Deano's my favorite local restaurant! Very small but very delicious Italian pizzas, subs, sandwiches.. very yummy.


Then raced to store to get some groceries then dropped my car off for inspection. ::winces:: hoping it will just be the exhaust. Now I"m home typing on the computer and getting my laundry done. Very important.

It's been a great weekend.

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Snowy sunday morning

So the storm went from 3-6 " to 5-9" and I think we have about a foot already. So much for they weather man having a clue about what we are going to get! :)


It's been a crazy week. I went up to help the upstairs neighbors by watching their 4 year old and their 8month old while he had to be taken to the ER for a bad knee.  They still don't know what's wrong with it, but he has a knee brace and that seems to be helping.  She went to the hospital yesterday for a double kidney infection, her sister went with her and turns out she had a single kidney infection! They are having a rough week!

My ex-room mates son, J is staying with me for a few weeks while his dad looks for an apartment. I'm thinking I'll be lucky if he is able to move out by the time my brother comes back in May. I have told his dad he is unfortunately not welcome to stay here overnight. He is welcome to come for a day, but no alcohol and no cigs. He agreed to that.

Rules are in place to make life a little easier so we'll see how things go. I'm ready for spring but mom says to bring out my Pollyanna hat so... I have power, I have heat and I have cats who love me. :) A few people too. As my friend at work would say.. It's all good. :)


Ice storm

Well hasn't this been fun?  I took Friday off to take mom to the dentist (surgery) and thankfully came home Thursday after work to collect Karma and Kismet with plans to spend a few days.  We woke up Friday with no electricity, heat or water. Plugged in a non-powered phone and called her dentist, who finally called back to say no appointment as all of Exeter was without power, there were no stop lights and people were just crazy.


Mom and I went back to bed until around noon then went out to get food we hoped. Found that Newington mall area had power and they were crazy with people. IHOP had a 45 minute wait as did McDonalds of all places. People were so wanting to be warm and have hot food.  We got up Saturday we had water but still no heat or electricity. Downtown Exeter finally had power. We went out, got hot food came back then I came home to turn on the water so the pipes wouldn't freeze. Our power had just gone on! So I hurried back, mom refused to come up. Said it had to be a matter of time.  Today her house temperature was 30 degrees. It was warmer outside than inside! I drove back down with cat carriers and she is now here with me for the foreseeable future. The police were at mom's trailer park making sure people either had a place to go or that they had generators.

Now they are saying places without power could remain that way until Thursday or Friday. Crazy.  But eyesys is right. It does seem to have brought out more compassion and comaradarie in people.  People are more willing to be patient (aside from driving! No patience there at all!) and willing to talk, compare notes and offer insight on what is open, what isn't and what is best to do.  Sterno is great for hot water. ::smiles:: we made a lot of hot cocoa and coffee that way!

Now I'm home with mom and four cats, as we both refuse to leave our "children' behind. Thankfully even though the shelters don't allow pets they do say the can help with accomodations for pets during the crisis.  Pets are our family too so I'm grateful that they now realize this and allow for such circumstances.

Grateful to be home and warm.

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Lots and lots of changes

For the winter my brother moved to Florida, which was a good thing for him, hard for me money wise, but it would work.  Two weeks after my brother left, my upstairs neighbor told me he was buying a mobile home and moving out. ::Sighs:: As we bought the duplex specifically so he could have a place to stay, it's hard, but definitely understandable. I'm glad he's got a great new place that's all his own. (and his cats. :) )
While paying the mortgage while brother was gone was do-able, paying it while alone is just not possible.

So after much deliberation, asking for a realtor to look at the house and so forth, finally found a friend of my brother's who is a property manager who was willing to help us rent the upstairs.  Now comes the ever so interesting part. The people who are signing the lease are a couple who have two children with them full time and four children that come for weekends. So this winter (after being used to one quiet person and three cats) there will be eight people upstairs on weekends. Ages ranging from 7 months to 8 years for the six kids. Should be quite something. I'm not sure the cats are ready, especially Kismet. She's a very shy girl who likes quiet. Hopefully with it being upstairs it will be ok.

This week I get to paint the hallway floor and then head to moms for Thanksgiving. Taking Karma and Kismet with me. This will be Kismet's first visit to Grandmeow's. Karma's an old hand and nothing phases him! We'll see how Kismet deals. Hopefully well. The drive will not be fun, she hates cars. Karma helps keep her a little more settled though.

:) Lots of fun, lots of changes and lots of yummy food! :)

Crazy times

Life is just a little insane right now. My brother has moved to Florida for the winter, I owe the garage another $300, not to mention other bills (slowly being paid off) the roof needs repair and my upstairs neighbor is moving out. ::lesighs:: Oh well.. things always happen for a reason. It will work it's way out, it always does. Just need a few minutes to breathe. Maybe that will settle things out. I hope.

On the good side, Kismet curled up in my lap while I watched NCIS on the computer. That is the first time she's been a lap cat! ::Sighs contentedly:: Maybe just maybe I finally have a lap cat?


Karma and Kismet

Two kitties trying to learn to get along. :) Let's see how long it takes before they can be in the same room without spitting at each other. I've actually been impressed, Kismet (previously named Chubbs.. give me a break! Poor beautiful kitty!) is very cool and poised about the whole thing. Just rather sits there and wonders what his issue is. Karma has only hissed a bit but nothing overly hostile, more like a testing of who's boss. Still keeping them separated on the whole today. Tomorrow I'll let them be together more. Open the baby gate and let them move about the house.

Believe it or not with older kitties (Karma is 17 and Kismet is 2) I only needed one baby gate on the door! I honestly thought they'd be jumping over it. Somehow it doesn't seem to occur to them they can, and I'm NOT enlightening them! LOL


Vacation is over

But it was fun. :) Lots of visiting and looooooots of food with my family. The last two are leaving tomorrow, but as I have to work tomorrow I came home to get Karma resettled and to get myself ready for the week.

I haven't gotten a new cat yet, I had hoped to have the money my brother promised me during vaca so I could go to the SPCA but he hasn't gotten paid yet. I'm now thinking that Labor Day weekend would be good, it would give me two full days at home plus at least a half to get the new cat and Karma acclimated to each others company. I think Karma is desperate enough for company that it won't take too long.

Well now I get to go grocery shopping, though I should probably eat first or I'll bring home the entire grocery store!



This week I get to not work and spend time with the family. A good thing! Karma and I are going to spend the week at Mom's and I'll be doing some hang out time at the beach house.

I'll be going to the SPCA this week to look at cats (if I get my brother's rent money!) Karma is very depressed. He misses his little sister. I honestly thought he'd enjoy having some time to himself, I hadn't realized that he has never been an only cat and he is finding it very difficult.  There isn't much I wouldn't do for my cats. (and yes I wouldn't mind another cat but it's his need that is getting me to do this now rather than wait the two years I had promised mom.)

Wish me luck hopefully all will go well. Worse case scenario I'll go looking on Labor Day weekend if I don't get his rent money this week.